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"Flower" Essences Support All Healing!

"She won't come out from under the bed!, "exclaimed my worried client who had adopted a rescued cat a month ago. "She will only come out to eat and use the litter box when no one is around and she's so stressed. What can I do?"

When I spoke with the cat, she confirmed that she was overwhelmed by the noises, the voices, the vibrations and even the kind faces peering under the bed. She was a mess. Not knowing what to do, I turned to my friend, Dr. Dee Blanco, a holistic vet in Santa Fe for help. Dr. Dee said, "We need to give her a Flower Remedy to help her feel safe."

"A flower remedy? What's that?" I asked. Dr. Dee then introduced me to the truly amazing energetic remedies by Dr. Edward Bach, a Welsh physician, who created them in the 1930's to support emotional challenges that led to disease in his human patients.

Dee told me that the flower essences were perfect for animals because they are completely safe and "either work or they don't". She placed drops from a few different flowers from the repertory into a small glass dropper bottle filled with water. I took the bottle to the cat's guardian and instructed her to put a few drops into the cat's food. The next day, the cat came out from under the bed and walked calmly to the glass door, proceeding to sit and watch the birds. WOW! I was so impressed that I dove into studying and learning all I could about these Bach Flower Remedies. That was over twenty five years ago.

The Perfect Emotional Healer

Since that time, I have suggested the Bach Flower Remedies to help countless animals with emotional challenges, anxieties, fears, behavior and training issues, traumas, moving house, traveling, introducing new animals to each other... my list goes on and on. Although they were originally created for humans, (they're awesome for kids!) I have found that they work even quicker with animals because I believe animals just have less resistance to healing than most adult humans. (Ask me how I helped two screaming babies and two frazzled moms on the long plane trip from Frankfort to Denver...)

Because the Bach Remedies became such an important tool in my health and healing "tool box," about fifteen years ago, I created my own "Unity Essences," based on the Bach Remedies. I individually prepare/custom blend each one with an animal's input for their specific, immediate issue. This way, I can zero in even closer to support the animal(s) re-harmonizing/healing and accepting whatever changes cross their paths.

Perfect for Everyone!

There are so many ways to use the Essences to help all animals, humans and even plants, they are one of my absolute favorite healing "tools." For more information, click on "Unity Essences." Contact me to set up a session to create the perfect, custom blended remedy to help your beloved with a current challenge OR prepare them for a trip (yours and/or theirs) or any other coming change. I promise, you'll both feel happier and calmer!

With Love, Your Voice of Animals,


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