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Fatty Lipomas = Blocked Energy

Updated: May 7, 2019

Many of my clients' older dogs, especially labs, boxers, and viszlas, seem prone to fatty cysts. These cysts, "benign" tumors and/or lipomas indicate blocked energy. These lumps and bumps are often a symptom of a larger problem, so it's valuable to see them as indicators as opposed to an unrelated, stand-alone problem. 

In his excellent article on the subject, Dr. Peter Dobias, a Holistic vet in practice in Canada for over 20 years, states,

"Most lumps appear to be associated with the spinal segments that have the tightest muscles or evidence of inflammation and injury. These injured parts are the black holes of the body; stopping the flow, creating congestion, which leads to lump formation. In the most severe and chronic cases, this leads to cancer formation. I see the lumps and bumps as the signals of the body that there is something wrong. They are the markers of these injuries, inflammation and blockage and must not be ignored."

How to Prevent Lipomas

1) Diet. A diet rich in fresh, live foods is key. Don't overdo red meats. Offer a variety of unprocessed meats including poultry, rabbit, venison, etc. Dry, highly processed, cooked foods challenge an animal's body to get any nutrition. Many ingredients can't be metabolized and end up causing congestion and inflammation.

2) Immune Support: 75-95% of the immune system is ruled by the microbiota in the intestines. Absorption of whole food nutrients, which nourish the healthy microbiota, is essential for a healthy immune system. If your dog or cat is NOT eating anything raw, supplementing with the correct vitamins and minerals, digestive enzymes and probiotics is critical Step 1. Cellular health supported by antioxidants is Step 2.*

*With over 25 years in the field of holistic health for animals, I can share some exceptional supplements based on your beloved's unique needs. To find out which ones would make a difference for her, let's do an animal communication session. Click HERE to schedule. Any of my recommendations can be run by your holistic vet for confirmation.

3) Exercise: A healthy amount that's just right for the age and breed of your dog or cat. Their bodies are designed to move, no matter what their age. Moving supports circulation, digestion, elimination of toxins, lymphatic drainage, as well as maintaining strong muscles and flexible joints. Research shows that the right type of exercise is essential for helping ageing animals (and humans) stay healthy. Again, I can help pinpoint what this "healthy amount" is for your individual animal.

Treatment and Prevention

Along with all of the above, regular massage, acupuncture, Healing Touch, TTouch and chiropractic treatments can keep the muscles balanced, the skeletal system aligned and energy flowing. Helping the body cleanse and re-balance can sometimes break the lumps down or minimize them. I have been working for eight years with a proprietary liquid and topical gel of Redox Signalling Molecules that have been successful in helping every body do just that. We can explore if these would be helpful for your beloved as well.

Many holistic vets recommend avoiding lumpectomy surgery unless the lipomas restrict movement. They often recommend getting the lump aspirated with a fine needle. This captures cells that can be tested for cancer. However, agitating the lump can lead to nasty cell proliferation, so avoid that if you can. Happily, I can help mitigate any ill effects of the procedure if you choose that route.

Start preventing lipomas now and you won't have to see them as an "inevitable" problem of ageing. Your beloveds can live long lives without lumps!

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