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Essential Help for Fireworks & Storms

Fear of Fireworks, Storms, etc?

It's almost that time of the year again when humans insist on terrorizing dogs, cats and wildlife with fireworks. Even though it is possible to have beautiful fireworks without the boom, sadly most people enjoy the noise. This tradition also inspired people to set off firecrackers and other loud, scary "fun" rockets in neighborhoods to "celebrate" Independence Day.

GOOD NEWS! There are many way to support your companions through this challenging time and get them through not only the 4th of July, but also thunderstorms, smoke and high winds -- much of which will continue to be experienced with intensifying weather all over the globe.

There's more besides the noise factor...

My friend of 30 years or more, Dr. Dee Blanco reports that Animal Ethics has compiled studies that show that animals are also effected by the particulate matter from the exploding rockets. She says, "These toxicants can travel great distances, be inhaled and cause respiratory problems - even if they don't seem to affect humans." (I'm not so sure that they don't, especially small children, the elderly and anyone with respiratory vulnerabilities.) This is another reason to keep animals safely indoors during fireworks in your neighborhood or upwind. (Keeping horses safe from these inhalants is a challenge unless they can be inside the barn or stable)

NOTE: Most of you are aware of or have experienced first-hand the terrible smoke from the Canadian wildfires. The particulate matter from these fires has been dangerous for everyone, human and more-than-human. I wish that fireworks would be banned wherever the forest fire smoke has blown! Everyone, especially wildlife, do not need more stress to their lungs.


Different animals have different needs and responses when it comes to tolerating fireworks and storms. There are MANY great helpers, but as so many of you have learned, some don't work as well with your companions as others. As much as I love Rescue Remedy, it's rarely enough by itself to help with the noise and fear. I have often suggested different combinations of flower essences, herbal remedies, homeopathy, CBD, some safe essential oils used properly... for greater results.

Finding the right combination for your animal is key! Otherwise you can waste a lot of money and time searching for something that works.

Here Are Some Great Options

Composure. The L-theanine and B vitamins in this "treat" have been a literal lifesaver for some animals I've worked with who have been terrified of storms, including a lovely Australian Shepherd who had developed more sensitivity to noises as she aged.

Nutri-Calm. Nutri-Calm, formulated by my friend and holistic vet, Dr. Rob Silver, is a bit more "heavy duty" due to the sedating effects of valerian, but it saved a white German Shepherd I worked with who had jumped through a plate glass window in search of his person during a storm. This dog might have been euthanized if we hadn't found a non-drug alternative for him. With Nutri-Calm, he handled storms more peacefully and lived many more years.

Solliquin. By Nutramax Labs is another herbal supplement with L-theanine, magnolia and others. Safe for cats as well:

Zylkene. By Vetoquinil is just hydrolyzed milk protein.

CBD. There are quite a few versions available. Check out Pet Releaf's organic varieties.

I also mentioned in my previous email...

Bark & Whisker's Stress Support. This cheddar cheese flavored sprinkle is full of excellent adaptogenic herbs, phytochemicals and neurotransmitters that are useful for any stress your dog or cat has to manage. See cautions if your companion is receiving chemo.

Which is/are best for your animals?

Can you combine herbal supplements CBD, homeopathy or other modalities?

I recommend that we set up a session with your beloveds to determine what combination is best for them. Let's get started NOW before the 4th arrives.

Click here if you're a returning client, here if you're new to me.

Together we can create the best comfort plan for your beloveds. Let's talk soon!

Safe and Calm

With Love, Your Voice of Animals,


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Nelson Cooper
Nelson Cooper
Nov 02, 2023

For additional details about CBD for animals, go to the Pet CBD Club website at

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