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Are Your Pet's Kidneys Vulnerable to This?

Did you know that kidney issues are the #1 insurance claim for cats and that as many as one in ten dogs has kidney challenges?

In my 30+ years as an animal communicator and dog and cat nutritionist, I have heard from more cats than I can count with kidney and bladder issues and many dogs as well. Kidney disease has been called "inevitable" or "normal" by many conventional vets. However, although it may be common, or even usual in cats, it is not normal nor inevitable. Happily, I have been able to help and refer my clients to holistic vets as needed and suggest safe, effective treatments and forms of prevention.

Signs of Kidney Disease

1) Increased thirst Dogs will drink and drink, never seeming satisfied. Cats will search out more water as well, especially cats on dry food (a disaster for feline kidneys!) leading to...

2) Increased urination and/or urinating outside the litterbox

3) Decreased appetite

4) Weight loss

5) Nausea

6) Vomiting

7) Diarrhea

Preventions & Solutions

1) The best way to avoid and prevent kidney problems down the road is feeding your beloved a wet, species appropriate diet, preferably raw or lightly cooked. I can't stress enough how problematic dry food is for cats and dogs as well. NO dog or cat should be fed dry food alone. In addition to kidney issues, dry, processed kibble will contribute to all sorts of other health and behavior problems.

Kidney issues DO NOT always indicate a need for less protein! High phosphorus is more usually the issue. Recently, Dr. Karen Becker wrote, "In the 1990s, retired veterinary nutritionist Dr. Delmar Finco discovered protein requirements increase as pets age. He demonstrated that even in animals with kidney failure, restricting protein didn't improve their health or longevity." Feeding a dry kidney prescription diet can cause serious deficiencies over time. A simple homemade kidney diet designed for your companion by a holistic vet or this one with the appropriate supplement will be a much healthier choice for their entire bodies. At this time, I have only found one canned kidney diet for cats that I can suggest.

2) Avoid over vaccination. Click here for Dr Jean Dodd's protocol for cats: Dr. Jean Dodd's protocol of dogs:

3) Support kidneys with food-based supplements. There are some excellent ones available. I learned about Standard Process "Renafood" from vet friend, Dr. Jean Hofve, decades ago and have seen dozens of dogs and cats with kidney issues thrive and live long lives with this. Standard Process now has "Canine Renal Formula" and "Feline Renal Formula." I always use kinesiology to determine which formula is best for each cat and dog I work with. There are other excellent supplements for kidney support as well.

In conclusion, it's best to support your companion's body before problems arise, but if your dog or cat is displaying any of the above symptoms, please get them to your vet for bloodwork and/or other tests, then follow up with me for help designing a healthy meal and supplement plan to keep them well and happy for years to come.

Click here if you're new to me and here if you're a returning client. Collaborating with your beloved, your holistic vet and me will give you an ideal team for their long, happy lives!

With Love, Your Voice of Animals,


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