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My 5 Ways to Protect Your Animal from Coronavirus

There's been a lot of information swirling around about the coronavirus and our companion animals. The CDC has released new guidelines since two cats tested positive in New York.

It seems that cats and ferrets are susceptible to catching it from humans, but not passing it to humans. So far, at the time of this blog, dogs have not gotten the virus. However, the virus may be able to be transmitted by one person to another on the fur of the dog. So, it's a good idea to not let a stranger pet your dog when you're out walking.

The important thing is to be conscious and decide what's the best way to minimize your exposure and your animals' exposure to keep everyone safe and to avoid spreading this virus and any other.

My 5 Recommendations

1) Just like for us, strong immunity is the BEST protection. Proper nutrition in the form of fresh protein-based foods as opposed to dry or canned is ideal. Adding fresh food - scrambled eggs, yogurt, ground chicken, turkey, beef, etc. will strengthen their immune systems. If they are older or have a chronic challenge, adding an immune supplement and digestive support can be a big help. See for some good ones. (I can help guide you to the ones that are best for your animals.)

2) Keep your cats indoors. This is safer for them on every level, not just as a preventative from catching the virus from a friendly sick person. For more details on cats and coronavirus, see Dr. Karen Becker's excellent article published May 5th.

3) Maintain social distancing for your dogs. Keep them on leashes. If you and your dog love going to the the dog park, try to go when there are just a few people and dogs around. I get that your dogs need exercise and interaction with other dogs. See #4 for after-the-park care.

4) If your cat or dog comes in contact with strangers, as soon as you can, wipe off their fur where they were petted with a warm, wet washcloth with a little castille soap. DO NOT EVER use an antiseptic wipe with alcohol or with herbs such as thyme, oregano or tea tree oil on your dog or cat! (For more info on the dangers of essential oils see my blog post from April 28th.)

5) If someone in your household is sick, (and this is hard) they should not pet, snuggle or kiss the cat or the dog, as much as everybody needs and wants this close connection. (I really hate this as our animals love to comfort and help us heal and we love the close contact!) Remember, if you do get sick, it will pass!

I want you all to know that your animals will continue to love and support you in every way they can -- in close contact or not. Be sure to keep yourself healthy by wearing masks, washing hands, distancing, all the stuff we're told to do, then you won't have to worry about being apart from your beloved furries. If you're concerned about their stress levels see my blog post from April 15th.

Hang in there. We'll all get through this!

With Love, Your Voice of Animals,


PS For the latest CDC guidelines, click here.

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