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Protect Those Paws!

Burrr! Puppy it's cold outside!

Snow, ice, cold , and rough terrain are just half of it. What about all the toxic chemicals on and near roads that the pads of their feet are exposed to every day?  During winter months, de-icers are spread on roads, making their way on to sidewalks and into snow drifts.  Walking on and in these is very dangerous. If you don't wipe off their feet every time they come inside, their skin absorbs these. If they lick their feet they ingest these poisons. Over time, toxins build up and wreak havoc on their immune systems. The good news...

You can naturally protect and HEAL the pads of their sweet feet!

Here's my favorite, BEST EVER recipe for keeping dog and cat feet their healthiest. I love that it covers all the bases, including it won't hurt them at all if they lick it off their paws. And, because you make it, you know exactly what's in it!

Planet Paws' DIY Paw Wax   (c/o Randy Habib and Dr. Karen Becker)

3 ounces beeswax -- the protective barrier

3 Tbs. coconut oil -- a natural antibacterial

3 Tbs. avocado oil -- moisturizing

3 teasp. calendula oil -- healing

(All ingredients are available at health food stores, beeswax at herb shops. Be sure it has no additives if buying from a craft store. As usual, organic is best for your companions as well as for the planet)

Chop the beeswax into chunks. Mix all ingredients in a pot and heat on the stove, stirring just to melt the wax and the coconut oil. Do not boil. When combined and all melted, remove and pour into muffin cups in a muffin tin, or into any cute container of your choice, like small metal gift boxes or fun silicone cookie molds. Think about the size of the paws you intend the wax for.

Allow to set, about 20 minutes, until solid.

To apply, first let your dog or cat smell it and tell them that you want to rub the wax into their paws to protect them from the ice, cold, heat, etc.

Next, with their permission, help your companion into a comfortable position and gently rub the wax on to each paw. Be sure to rub it between the pads. This is especially important if they're going out in the snow as it will prevent ice and snow balls from forming. If hiking or running on trails, pavement, etc., with your dog, apply to paws to protect and soothe.

And For You..

I also recommend using the wax on your own hands if you're out working in the cold without gloves. It will help heal any painful cracks in your fingers (Goat and cow milkers take note...) The paw wax will also be an excellent dry heel or callus treatment. Rub into your heels before bed, put on cotton socks and allow your body heat to work the magic. Your feet will thank you!

Now, isn't this just the neatest recipe you've gotten this year? Please pass this on to all your friends with two or four feet. They will be forever grateful. Thanks!

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