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Check in with Your Fur Kids

This is a great month to check in with your cats and dogs to be sure they're in tip top shape as we head into the holidays and colder (northern hemisphere) or warmer (southern hemisphere) months.

Let's find out how they're doing and what they might need for optimum health and well being.


How are they feeling? is their metabolism a little slow? That can happen with the change of the seasons. Do they need some changes to their diet? Different supplements, a little soup cleanse to "reboot" their digestive and tone their elimination tract?

Dr Christina Chambreau, a holistic teaching vet with decades of experience teaching homeopathy to vets and non-vets alike recommends that her clients have an animal communication each season to hear from their animals how they feel and tweak anything that needs tweaking. This isn't just a physical check up, but a body, mind and spirit check in to find out what your animal has to say about what she is thinking and feeling.

Your Animal's Feelings

What exactly is he feeling about the changes in the weather, the household, the other animals and humans in the family? Kids have gone back to school and many parents have gone back to work. How are the animals doing at home? Do they need some emotional support. We can find out and I can recommend the ideal flower essence and healing modality to match their needs.

Holidays Coming

Halloween is just around the corner. There are many potential hazards to be aware of. Are you thinking about how to keep your pets safe? I'll have specific tips about that soon, but it's not to early to start thinking about it

Some holiday foods can be shared with your dogs and cats, but it is important to be sure their gut health is up to the exciting treats. I can help you choose the best digestive support for each animal starting now.

So I invite you to make a date with me and your beloveds so you're all prepared and can feel assured that everyone is in his or her best body, mind and spirit. Click here or here if you're new to working with me.

With Love, Your Voice of Animals,


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