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Re-Thinking "Disease" With Animals

Recently I've been working with some cats and dogs with the dreaded "c" diagnosis and it got me thinking about how differently animals and people view disease and illness.

The collective energy shoves most people into fear and "Gotta find a cure" mode when their beloveds have tumors, cancer, and other illnesses.

But, what are the energetics of going to war, racing with time, finding THE cure for a disease? Stop reading for a moment. Think of those three phrases. Close your eyes and feel into them. When you open your eyes do you feel desperate, pushed, on a frantic "mission?"

What happens when you feel "responsible," even if you fed them the best diet, did everything "right" and they still get sick?

How does your animal read and respond to your energy and attitude towards the disease?

Here's the rub. Throughout my years as an animal communicator, I've learned that your responsible, frantic, desperate energy isn't comforting. In many cases, it makes your animal anxious, scared that she's upsetting you. This does not create a healing environment. A state of anxiety creates more stress, making her immune system have to work harder, encouraging biochemical reactions promoting disease.

How do animals feel about their own disease process? Again, throughout my 26 year career, I have experienced animals responding very differently to disease and illness than most people do. They do not see disease as an "enemy," but as an imbalance. Then they take steps to help restore balance. They rest more. They fast to clear out their digestive and elimination systems.  They search out foods that make them feel better. They surrender and trust.

Finally, what is "healing" and how does it manifest on the physical and soul levels? This is a question we humans grapple with almost daily. In our western medical paradigm, "healing" means "curing." However, there is healing the body AND healing the soul. Are they different from our animal's point of view? They can be.

Click to join the Harmony Pack now, so you can register and participate in our live (and recorded) session this Wednesday  4/3, "Re-Thinking Disease." Bring your open hearts and minds to discuss and learn from the animals how you can help them best through an illness or disease.

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