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Your Pet's Portrait in Stone!

These are too adorable for words! My artist friend, Debbie Rocchi painted my beloved cats on a river rock! (That's my Flora pictured here.) She did such a great job capturing their personalities, I had to share.

Debra is an accomplished artist and does these sealed river rock portraits for friends and her dental clients. She's a great dental hygienist as well, by the way.

Again, in the spirit of mutual support and collaboration (my theme for 2022), I asked Deb if she'd be interested in doing portraits of my friend's and client's beloveds, and she said she'd love to! The process is so easy. Debra works from photographs you send her by text or email. She charges $50 a piece plus shipping. Many folks have asked her to do one of a dog or cat who has passed away and gifted those to the bereaved pet parent. I think that's a beautiful idea.

These beautiful river rocks are so sweet and unique. I'd love to have all my animals painted on rocks so they could be placed all over my home. What a joy to spot a beloved who has passed sitting under a plant or on the window sill. Wouldn't that make your heart sing?

To explore getting a river rock portrait of a beloved animal, contact Deb in Colorado at

Here are some more sweet examples:

With Love, Your Voice of Animals,


PS If you are interested in sharing your animal artwork and perhaps receiving commissions, contact me at

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