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Hands-on Healing YOU Can Do

Did you know that YOU can do hands-on healing? All of us can learn how to open to receive healing energy that can pass though our bodies, into our hands and transfer to our animal, plants, food, each other and complete strangers (with their permission, of course.)

All matter is organized energy. All living beings are organized energetic forms connected through frequency and vibration. Hands-on healing is simply a technique of focusing energy and passing it to another through our hands. Healing Touch and Reiki are just two modalities that access healing energy and transmit it. Although those two techniques rely on specific training and helping to open the practitioner to receive and transmit energy, you don't need to be "trained" to do your own hands-on healing. You simply need to learn how to...

1) Calm and center yourself. This can be done through meditation, breathing and various centering techniques. Calming your energy helps you become a clear receptical and helps the receiving animal or person feel comfortable with you.

2) Set your intention. Your intention matters a great deal. To be a conduit for healing, state and hold the intention to be of Service to the Highest Good for the Good of All. Ask to receive energy through your body for another. Note: You will not be doing anything. The healing energy will pass through you.

3) Ask permission: You don't need to "hear" an animal respond, but you do need to ask. They will feel that you are respecting them and offer themselves to receive if they want to.

4) Offer with love. Follow your intuition. Does the animal want your hands on her body or slightly above her? Where is she most comfortable receiving the energy? On her back, head? chest? An animal will show you, and also let you know when she's had enough.

Always allow your animal to get up or move to end the session.

Remember, you can do no harm if you follow the steps above. The more you practice, the better you'll get at offering healing, "listening" to your animal as they communicate when and where they'd like you to do hands-on, and helping them feel better. BONUS: Practicing hands-on healing will do wonders for you too!

Join our Harmony Pack and participate on Wednesday June 6th in my guided meditation and specific instructions to help you find your OWN hands-on healing abilities. Click HERE to learn more.

With Love and Blessings to you and your beloveds,


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