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What's the Best Gift for Your Furries?

Plastics, plastics everywhere along with cheap, dyed "chews" and toys from China... NOT for your beloved furries, right? But where can you find "green," recycled or upcycled quality gifts, wholesome treats and natural skin and coat care for animal family members?

I've complied some websites and ideas for you to check out. Remember to read labels and look to be sure materials are "sustainably sourced," "Free Trade," recycled materials, hemp, which is strong and makes great woven toys and bedding, organic cotton, organic catnip, organic chews, "B corps"... You get the idea.

1) Look for locally made toys, beds and other goodies at your local good/natural pet food shop, natural food store/coop and gift shops.

3) Earth Animal treats, supplements and more: These may also be at your local natural pet food shop.

4) Etsy Pet Skincare: (Be sure to read my article about safe essential oils for dogs and cats here BEFORE you purchase a product with oils.) Click here.

5) Make your own with scraps of cloth, hemp or cotton rope. Creatively challenged like me? Here you go:

6) Make a donation in your companion's name to a shelter, rescue organization or breed-specific group.

7) Finally, give an animal communication or diet planning session to your beloved. That's an investment in deeper understanding, greater health and a fantastic start to 2024! That's a gift thrice given 1) to your animal, 2) to yourself and 3) to me. Thanks!

Returning clients here. New to me here. NOTE: If you're considering giving a session with me as a gift for a human loved one, please email me first at Thanks.

Have fun gathering healthy gifts for your beloveds and honoring Mother Earth in the process!

With Love, Your Voice of Animals,


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