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Does Your Dog or Cat have Allergies?

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

"My two-year old Corgi has allergies and the vet wants to give her another steroid shot. Are there other options?" My client was concerned and I'm so glad she asked!

I was concerned that such a young dog was already getting her immune system suppressed with steroids because over time, steroids can damage the liver and cause myriad problems, including pyodema, seborrhea, and other issues. Fortunately, taking a holistic approach to the allergies will lead to greater success in treating them. Why? Because we look first for the cause and next to strengthen and support the body into coming back to balance and healing itself.

Allergies are a symptom of an overactive immune system. This can be because of a nutritional imbalance, specific proteins, drugs, including vaccines, or a metabolic dysfunction.

Start with These Questions:

1) What substance is causing the immune response? Is it a protein? Did it come on after a vaccine or vaccines were administered?

2) Why is her immune system responding in itchy or inflamed skin, ears, belly, red eyes, sneezing, coughing...?

Next Steps:

1) Assess her diet. A diet of dry food with inappropriate ingredients such as soy, wheat, corn, gluten, only meals, too many legumes are NOT going to support anybody's immune system.

2) Assess the environment. Are chemical cleaners, synthetic air fresheners or essential oils used in the home? Are chemical fertilizers, lawn treatments or pesticides used in the yard or anywhere she walks?

3) What's her health history? Was she given antibiotics or other drugs as a puppy or kitten? When drugs and antibiotics are given to a youngster, their immune system may always be at a disadvantage.


1) A raw or lightly cooked BALANCED diet can eliminate many problems. If specific proteins are a problem, avoid avoid feeding them. Be wary of expensive "prescription" diets. They often have inferior ingredients that may stop the symptoms, but can't nourish a dog or cat over time. Always read the ingredients and ask your vet how each one helps the problem. (Unfortunately, they are unlikely to know as most vets are not trained in nutrition or they wouldn't put animals on these diets!)

2) Eliminate all chemicals used in the home, in the yard where she plays and be VERY careful to avoid walking her anywhere near a golf course, ESPECIALLY after a rain. See my Blog on Deadly Chemicals.

3) Cut down on stress as best you can. Her own stress or taking on yours will challenge her immune system. See my Blog on Stress.

4) if your dog or cat is otherwise healthy, talk to me about my soup fast as this modified fast can help clear out toxins and reboot the liver, digestive and immune systems.

5) If you've done all of the above, there are some excellent immune supporting herbal and homeopathic formulas out there for an extra boost, especially if used when you know she may be more prone to a flare up. I can recommend some great ones.

I'm here to help and also put you in touch with holistic vets and others who can help with more difficult or chronic allergies. With extra care and knowledge, YOU can help your animal heal, return to balance and live a long, happy allergy-free life!

With Love, Your Voice of Animals,


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