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Did You Know Your Cat Can...

See Differently

Most people are aware of a cat's keen eyesight. Our pupils can expand 15 times in low light, cats' can expand 300 times! Their peripheral vision is also better than ours. However, they can't see as well close up, their eyesight is blurrier than ours and they can see 20 feet, where we can see 100.

They can't actually see in pitch black, they need a little light, but in the pitch black they can rely on their extraordinary hearing, sense of smell, and whiskers.

Hear Better

From National Geographic, "A cat’s triangle-shaped ears act like small, furry satellite dishes. Their ear flaps, or pinnae, can independently rotate forward, backward, and sideways to zero in on a sound’s location. The pinnae’s 180 degrees of rotation means that cats can pinpoint the location of a sound to within several inches in just six-hundredths of a second—faster than the blink of an eye—from up to three feet away." So their hearing may be a better hunting tool than their eyesight!

Smell Better

Here's a surprise: Cats have 200 olfactory cells in their noses and their sense of smell is fully developed as soon as they're born. This guides them to Mama's milk and is their primary sense until their eyes open. They also have extra help from "Jacobsen's organ" just above the mouth. You'll notice your cat lifting his lip to get more odor info by directing the air molecules it to his Jacobsen's organ.

Use Another Special Asset

Whiskers! These special, thick hairs, "vibrissae," grow from a follicle packed with nerves and blood vessels. As a result, they help a cat detect changes in air movement indicating prey close by. Whiskers also help them navigate, fit into tight spaces and avoid objects.


"We weren't worshipped in Egypt just because we were pretty and good mousers," cats told me. "We have the ability to heal and help augment a healers abilities to help heal their patient." How does this work, you ask. Well, the purr is part of it, but not the whole story. Book a session with me and your cat to explore her own healing ways. Click here if your new to me. Here if you're a returning client.

When you hear the details, you'll be amazed and even more grateful she's in your life!

With Love, Your Voice of Animals,


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