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Give Your Animals Their Best Lives Ever

  1. Understand what your dog, cat, horse, bunny, bird... need right now.

  2. Feed them a diet that will support their health for a lifetime.

  3. Give them a peaceful, love-filled transition.

  4.  Find out how/where they are in spirit and if you'll be together again.

You get 30 Years of Experience with Me...

Restoring Harmony
in Animals' Bodies, Minds, and Spirits

Behavior challenges | Health issues | Emotional problems | Trauma 

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Peaceful Transitions
Connection to Animals in Spirit

Is your companion nearing, or at the end of her life? Has he already passed and you need comfort and peace of mind?

Sleeping Dogs

Returning Clients

It's time to check in, follow up, fine-tune and address new issues. Schedule a session here.

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Animal Communication

New Clients

Is your beloved companion trying to tell you something? Does he have an issue you can't resolve, a problem you can't pin down? Worry no longer! Let's find out the cause and create a solution together.


Diet Planning

Are you ready for a personalized wholesome, balanced diet for your dog or cat that fits your budget, AND can prevent health issues?

Satisfied Guardians. Happier Companions
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“Having Kate provide a glimpse into a pet's history, relay what the animal is feeling physically, or interpret the mental and emotional state of a patient, has been absolutely invaluable in managing very difficult cases. She made me a better doctor by teaching me how to understand the patient's perspective, and she has directly helped innumerable cases. She is my personal go-to communicator when my own animals are having issues; and of course, I frequently recommend her to my clients as well as friends and family.”

Jean Hofve, DVM, Holistic Veterinarian, author, owner

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Join Our Community

The Harmony Pack

* Do you dream of being in connection with All Life on Earth?

* Are you worried about extinctions, loss of habitat and ecosystem destruction and wonder what you can do about it?

* Do you believe that animals, plants and natural systems can help us solve these problems?

The animals are our teachers and are offering us ways to heal ourselves AND our planet. They need humans to act now!


Join our Harmony Pack, a community of like-minded/hearted people who care deeply about animals and the natural world and who are learning from and collaborating with non-human beings for the healing of All.


Experience how wild animals guide you to change, heal and make a bigger difference for animals, humans and our Earth.


Click Here


Together, we will deepen our understanding and connection to animals, hear their messages and put their guidance into action to save our One Family.

Let's Connect

Join Kate on her journey to animal health and well-being

Listen to Podcast

Inspiring Animal Stories 

Facebook Live

Interact and Experience 

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YouTube Channel

Messages from the Wild Animals and more...

Have a Question? Ask me today.

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Kate with Bodhi

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